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Minimum Qualifying Criteria                    


Pickway Manor Apartments supports the Fair Housing Act as amended, prohibiting discrimination in housing based on race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or familial status.  The following qualifications standards will be required from every prospective resident.

Income Total household income must be at least three (3) times the amount of the monthly rental rate.  For example, to qualify for an apartment that rents for $400 a month, the applicants gross monthly income must be a minimum of $1200 a month, before taxes. 

Employment Prospective residents must be employed by the same employer no less than six (6) months.  Job transfers and/or job relocations must have at least six (6) months verifiable employment history.  Consideration will be given to anyone beginning a new job if previous employment history is satisfactory. 

Credit History:  No Forcible Detainer Actions or Evictions.  No unpaid rental debt.  No unpaid utility debts including water, gas, electric, and phone.  No bankruptcy within the last 12 months prior to application date. 

Rental HistoryRental history is very important.  Report each address lived at for five years prior to application.  If the lease or mortgage is/was not in your name, if you live(d) there, you must report the address.  This also includes addresses in foreign lands.  If an address in the last five years is reported on the credit history but was not listed by the applicant, application is automatically denied for false information.  When two or more people apply to live as co-tenants in the same unit, each applicant must qualify in order to rent an apartment.  If one or more applicant(s) is/are not approved, the unit cannot be rented by any of the applicants.        

A post office box is for mail delivery only.  Do not list a post office box as a current or previous address.  

Police History      No drug charges or convictions.  No charges and/or convictions for assault, menacing, terroristic threatening, stalking, robbery, rape, murder, sexual assault, sex-offender or persistent felony offender.  No theft or burglary charges.  Charges or convictions for public intoxication and/or disturbing the peace may disqualify an applicant.  

Retired, Disabled, Self-employed - If self employed, retired, or receiving disability benefits, applicant must provide written proof of income.  Acceptable forms of income verification include a copy of income tax return for the previous year, financial statements, and/or three most recent bank statements.